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  XT1 Portable Laptop Speakers
Introducing the Altec Lansing XT1 system. In addition to its thin, innovative design with removable stands, the XT1 delivers superb sound and surprisingly deep bass thanks to four full-range neodymium micro drivers and bass enhancement technology.

I was very interested in these speakers when they happened to come in our door just the day before I was to take a group of young hockey players out of town for a tournament. Of course I never leave home without my laptop and good old hockey movies on DVD are a great way to keep young hockey players occupied. One of the major drawbacks of watching movies on a laptop is the poor sound quality. The Altec Lansing XT1 speakers were the ideal cure for that problem.

Not only did the speakers sound awesome but were very easily transported and set up. It took literally seconds to set up the speakers as the drivers were found quickly and installed with no hassle at all on Windows XP Home edition.

The speakers fit nicely into an attractive carrying case although the case is too big to fit in most Laptop Cases. So it does mean one extra case to carry around in most cases. The speaker stands are built right into the cords that connect the two speakers together making the speakers slimmer to package yet providing a very sturdy and solid base while in use.

The actual USB connection cable is also nicely done with a retractable style cord that helps prevent a mess of tangled cords in the case.

The sound that was produced while watching movies was very good and can rival some much more expensive speakers. The one thing I would have liked is to have the cord that connects the two speakers to be a bit longer and perhaps in a retractable style like the USB cable. I would have liked to spread the speakers a bit further apart to get more of a left and right sound experience.

The speakers themselves have power and volume controls on the right speaker however I did find the buttons to be a bit small and awkard to use. The slim lightweight design made it impossible to adjust the volume with one hand as the buttons were on the side and pushing the buttons would simply topple the speaker.

There is also an auxilary input jack on the speaker for plugging you mp3 player or other sound device into it as well.

For those that use their laptop computers for movies, multimedia presentations etc will certainly welcome this great little set of speakers. Its got great portable sound that changes the movie watching and music listening experience to a much more enjoyable level. Although these speakers are great for movies and music, they are also sufficient for gaming as well. High End gamers that rely on sound may not get what they are needing but for the majority of gamers this speaker set will certainly do the trick there as well.

Review ID Number: 386
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Altec Lansing
Review Date: 2005-04-04
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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