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  Liteon LVW-5005 DVD Recorder
Words from the company:
One Touch Recording: The touch of a single push button makes it easy to Record favorite programs or capture video.
The "RECORD" push button is as easy to use as a toaster. Users of all ages and technical skill levels can enjoy the ease of use Lite-On DVD Recorders.

Easy Track Navigator: A directory of thumbnail images makes it easy to locate tracks on DVD.
Unique thumbnails represent tracks that can be played back or edited.

DV Link (IEEE 1394) Input Connection: Transfer digital camcorders video and audio in original digital quality.
DV Link (IEEE 1394) Preserves the content in its original digital quality Vibrant video colors and pulsating audio sounds are carried through the DV Link connection.

Component Video Output: Color signals and Brightness signal are separated offering the highest picture quality.
Viewing DVDs provides better details, a cleaner picture, and move accurate and richer colors.

Progressive Scan (480P) Output: Progressive Scan offers fewer jagged dimentional lines and movement in fine detail for optimum picture quality.
View pictures that possess higher picture resolution and sharper image quality.

"All Write" Technology: This new technology allows users to record to DVD -/+R, DVD +/-RW and CD-R/RW.
There is no longer confusion to what type of media your recorder can write to. Now all formats work.

The review:
I have been looking for quite a while for a piece of equipment that will allow me to copy home videos to DVD for safekeeping and to prevent deterioration in the media. That meant that I had to digitize my VHS tapes and then burn them to DVDs.

Along came Lite On with their LVW-5005. This DVD burner is the cats meow for what I was after. The equipment I used was an old Commodore 64 monitorbecause it gave me RCA audio and video connections, then I also used a four-track VHS player/recorder and of course the LiteOn LVW-5005.After flipping through the 33 page manual with lots of pictures on what every thing was and did, I proceeded to do my first transfer.

Here are the steps that I followed to give you the idea of how easy it was.
1.I put VHS tape in player and pressed play
2.I put a blank dvd into the LiteOn unit and then proceeded to push the “Guider” button on its remote.
3.The first menu game me four options: Playback, Record, Format & Finalize
4.After choosing Record, the next menu I had to pick from was as follows: TV, AV1, AV2, S video or DV. These are the various connections to the back of the unit so you are in fact choosing a source.
5.After choosing AV2 the Commodore screen came up on the next menu.
6.I then had to choose what compression method by choosing one of the following options: HQ (1 hour), SP (2 hours), EP (4 hours) or SLP (6 hours).
7.Once the speed was selected depending on how long was the recording I wanted to transfer to DVD, the next option was to push the button to record and away it went.

These seven steps any one can follow without any problems what so ever. The next test I did was to see if a commercial VHS tape could be backed up onto a DVD. I used “The World Is Not Enough” a James Bond Movie and it copied onto a DVD without a hitch and playback on the DVD was excellent. I do want to make something perfectly clear here and that is that this magazine does NOT condone piracy! I was simply testing the equipment and I discarded the copy afterwards. Upon testing this unit further, I had found that there were some VHS tapes that had special copy protection preventing duplication, which means that this unit did not copy everything.

After burning your video, you then have to option to place titles on your segments on the DVD. This was my only disappointment with regards to this unit. The program only allows characters to be typed for a name of the video segment when setting up the DVD menu. This is one thing that this company needs to work on for future units. As well, possibly give the option of 4 to 5 types of menus instead of just one for the DVD. At the end of my burning project, I had to then finalize the DVD in order to use it in a DVD player. This again was a simple process and part of the menu I mentioned previously.

I think that Lite On has a great piece of equipment here and I would certainly recommend it to everyone, not just for backing up VHS tapes but you can use it to record TV shows as you used to do with a VHS tape, but the quality would be far better. My hat is off to Lite On for this LVW-5005 DVD Recorder

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Review Date: 2005-04-01
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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