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  Asante FriendlyNET GX5-448W Smart Gig Ethernet Switch
Words from the company:
Setting up a medium-size network is never a trivial task, but the FriendlyNET GX5-448W can simplify your job by supporting 52 network devices in one sleek switch. No extra cable or configuration is required.

High-Density Connectivity
When your organization is growing, it’s easy to outgrow a typical 24-port Fast Ethernet switch. Before long, all those new computers, printers, scanners and servers begin to overwhelm any network. Make the 52-port GX5-448W the cornerstone for your LAN.

Smart Connectivity
Like other Asante FriendlyNET GX5-W gig switches, the GX5-448W is plug-and-play; no configuration is required for basic connections. When you need to access advanced features, you won’t be forced to use a cryptic command line interface. Instead, reach for your web browser and let the switch’s on-board CPU guide you through your installation and troubleshooting.

The GX5 is powerful enough to handle the needs of a growing organization.
• WebManaged. All features are accessible from an easy-to-use interface. No cryptic command line commands or third-party network management applications required.
• Trunking. Allows you to create "fat-pipes" between switches (up to 4000 Mbits) for high-performance networking solutions.
• Quality of Service (QoS). Efficiently control network resources by classifying traffic and prioritizing flows.
• 48 x 10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet ports with Auto-Uplink
• 2 x 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet ports with Auto-Uplink
• 2 x 1000BaseX Gigabit Ethernet ports: SFP Mini-GBIC

The Review:
As a network admin it is difficult to find a good product these days that is easy to setup and has the features you need especially on a managed switch. I was really excited about doing a review on this unit because Asante has had a lot of good products in the past.

The setup that I tested the new GX5-448W switch is actually the main backbone network of our ISP. We have gone through a number of network switches ranging from mid to high-end and the Asante FriendlyNET GX5-448W Smart Gig Ethernet Switch came out in front for performance and manageability. I can definitely say it is everything that Asante says it is.

A couple things that I found to be a problem with this device is the lack of an On/Off switch, the documentation only comes on CD and doesn’t seem to describe a few of the features in detail, and the WebManaged portion of the switch doesn’t have an encrypted secure connection. Other than the last few pointers which aren’t a big deal for some, I would definitely recommend the Asante FriendlyNET GX5-448W Smart Gig Ethernet Switch to anyone that needs to setup a new network or upgrade an existing network.

Review ID Number: 389
  Product Details
Review Date: 2005-03-09
Reviewer: Chad Laity
Rating: 9 out of 10
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