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  Pistol Mouse FPS
Words from the Company:
The Pistol Mouse FPS gaming mouse features high resolution optical tracking, ergonomic pistol grip styling, and optimized ambidextrous control placement. Every detail has been designed for a more immersive experience for FPS games. All controls can be covered by separate fingers for improved reaction time combined with an 800dpi optical sensor for precision.

The Review:
The Monster Gecko Pistol Mouse to me started out to be a very enjoyable thing. Then after about 15 minutes of use it became quite the pain to use. For instance, after having my wrist positioned in the air it started to get very painful, so I rested my wrist on the back part of the base. This brought the front end that has the optical sensor in it up in the air, thus losing sensitivity. Another major flaw in it is the fact that it is a pistol, this made me want to pull back on it to look up when really you have to push the entire mouse forward away from you.

Some improvements that I think the company could make to it: I think that if they made this pistol mouse so that you were allowed to actually tilt the gun back to look up in a game, and also do something with the base of it so that when you rest your wrist you don't bring the front off the surface

Review ID Number: 391
  Product Details
Monster Gecko
Review Date: 2005-01-15
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 6 out of 10
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