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The Sony EyeToy is probably the most interactive and creative peripheral that has come out for a console. All the pistols, wireless controllers, keyboards, and dance pads don’t even compare to the technology and inspiration that has been put into the EyeToy. With the EyeToy, you are not only playing the game… you are actually in the game. Now I know, some games boast that they bring you “into” the game in an immersive sorta way, and I’ll admit that sometimes I do get so involved in the game that I forget to eat and make a permanent divot in my sofa… but with the EyeToy, you are actually in the game – as a character. Essentially, the EyeToy is a USB motion capture camera that you sit on top of your TV, and obviously, plug into your PS2. The EyeToy detects your movements and projects your image on the TV screen. All you have to do is move your arms and body around to play any of the games that come with the EyeToy.

EyeToy Play is the disc that comes with the camera and is comprised of 12 fun and addicting games. These include funky sounding titles like Kung Foo, Wishi Washi, Soccer Craze, Boxing Chump, UFO Juggler, and Disco Stars. Honestly, they could all be called Wave Your Hands Around A Lot, because that’s what you have to play them. The era of couch potato gamers is no more. Now you have to stand up in front of your TV and work your way to a high score instead of just flexing your thumbs. Whether it be fighting off wave after wave of ninjas, keeping multiple plates spinning on poles (like in some variety shows), stopping ghouls from escaping a graveyard, or hitting speakers in time to music, you are sure to get your blood pumping and muscles flexing.

The games are not the most thought provoking or graphically stimulating (come on – it’s not Halo or Splinter Cell), but they are definitely addicting. While the EyeToy can be played solo, the best way to use your EyeToy is with friends. The Sony EyeToy makes a great (and usually comical) addition to any party

Review ID Number: 394
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Review Date: 2004-07-10
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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