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  MX5021 2.1 Speaker system from Altec Lansing
Words from the company:
Whether it's gently bowed cello or a screaming electric guitar, musically sophisticated ears like yours demand full, accurate sound. Featuring a polished, piano-quality black finish, the MX5021 delivers big time in a powered audio system that not only sounds great - but looks terrific in your home or office. Two midrange drivers in each satellite produce extremely responsive sound, while the horn-loaded tweeter offers extra-wide dispersion of those crystal-clear highs. Not to be outdone, the woofer pumps out deep lows you'll feel in your bones. Add in THX certification for cinema-quality sound, and you've got an excellent alternative to a high-end audio system.

•Great Performance-Hear your favorite music accurately reproduced the way you know and love it.
•Full, Accurate Sound-Each satellite features two midrange drivers with polypropylene cones for a more responsive, less distorted sound, and a horn-loaded tweeter for wider dispersion.
•THX Certified-Enjoy cinema-qulity sound!
•Wireless Remote Control Pod-Control of bass, treble and master volume levels is at your fingertips.
•Auxiliary Input Jack-Connect two different audio sources - your CD player and MP3 Jukebox - a the same time!
•Headphone Jack-For private listening
•Color-Coded Cables
•Shielded Satellites-For use near video monitors.

The review:
It came in a huge box stuffed with Styrofoam popcorn and boy did these stick to everything when we unpacked it. Out came the usual glossy box that Altec Lansing is known for packing their speaker systems into; very impressive. It seemed a bit heavy too and after taking everything out we found out that the bulk of the weight of course came from the subwoofer.

I have been using Altec Lansing speakers for a very loooooong time now and the quality just seems to get better in time. This 2.1 system seems to be a much better sound system for my office computer as I do quite a lot of testing with these and now the sound will be enhance for all my reviews. Although the two speakers seem small compared to others I have tried, the sound quality is exquisite and crystal clear, regardless of how loud I crank it up.

The controls are through both a miniature wireless controller as well as a connected one which by the way has an extra headphone input as well as an auxiliary connection. Another great feature is the fact that these speakers are actually “pretty” and look great on my desk. I certainly would highly recommend them to everyone, from gamers to quiet music listeners

Review ID Number: 397
  Product Details
Altec Lansing
Review Date: 2004-04-02
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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