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  Far Cry
This is a new single or multiple player adventure from UBISOFT ( using the new CRYTEX engine.

Requires: a 1GHz or faster CPU. 256 RAM; A whopping 4 GB hard drive space; 64Mb 3D-graphics card: Windows 98SE, ME or XP.
I played it on a 3.2GHz P 4 with 1GB ram and an ATI 9600XT video card.

When I cranked the video settings up to very high I noticed an occasional slight hesitation with very quick movement and the occasional distant plant etc. appearing as you approached it. I only noticed one video glitch where an enemy appeared to partly come through a door. I think my video card was heating up as the next time I went back to the same scenario – all was ok. When I dropped the settings back to high all was ok and I had difficulty seeing a difference in the “scenery”.
The game will auto set it’s setting after “looking” at computer hardware and software. It tends set itself up on the conservative side so it will perform with a better frame rate.

When I first saw the demo I was impressed with the graphics but the story seemed lacking. This was because this was actually the third level of the game and the story is “explained” as you play the first levels.

It is the story of Jack Carver. Who is sailing around the Tropics with a mysterious woman when his ship is attacked and he is forced to swim to a local island. He then must rescue his passenger from a group of mercenaries. He goes from island to island only to discover some weird biological mutants who were created by a mad scientist. The scenarios take you through the jungle, underground and through a multiple of buildings. The “bad guys” have the best artificial intelligence I have ever seen in a game. They will vary their attack modes and respond to what you do. You can actually go back and play the game differently each time because you usually have more than one way to approach a “challenge” and the “bad guys” respond accordingly. Usually you are fighting mercenaries but as the game progresses you start fighting mutants who get bigger and nastier as you get to the final two levels.

That is my only complaint since I don’t have the fast reflexes of a younger person and have extreme difficulty “killing” these creations. I actually had to use the GOD mode to survive the last two levels (it allows you to be killed but not have to restart the level).
I would have preferred to continue dealing with mercenaries in more difficult scenarios like Call of Duty instead of trying to fight these bizarre mutants. The games features were more like Half Life.
There were also various vehicles – jeeps, hang gliders, boats – that you can use but some were quite difficult to manage.

The graphics are simply the best I have ever seen in a PC game. Fire flies buzz around you as you crawl through the jungle at night. Fish swim around you when you go under water and you can even see the weeds under water. The trees, buildings etc. all appear with true textures, lighting and shadows and offer concealment for Jack. You can actually hide in the grass and have the enemy not see you.

The story was fairly good when you look back after playing the 20 single player levels. I have gone back and replayed the game trying to take a different approach to each scenario. I am just sorry that it is finished but I have read that there will be add-ons coming out this fall.

I feel this is the best game I have seen yet and again it is like a good book – hard to put down but you know you will agonize over finishing it.
I would rate it 11 out of 10.

If you get lost or are having difficulty I would recommend getting BradyGames official strategy guide – It will help you by showing you maps of the different scenarios and giving you at least one approach to solving them.

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Review Date: 2004-06-29
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 11 out of 10
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