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  Mx 700 Cordless Optical Mouse
Words from the company:
The Logitech MX700 just raised the bar of expectation on precision and control. With its powerful MX™ optical engine, the MX700 instantly responds to even your fastest movements. The rechargeable Fast RF cordless technology gives the responsiveness of a corded connection, but without the cord. Our two Cruise Control™ buttons provide continuous scrolling through long documents or websites. And the rapid charge base station acts as a receiver and a charger in one. You made the demand so we built the device.

•MX Optical Engine delivers more accuracy and control on more surfaces than ever before
•Fast RF cordless technology delivers corded quality in a cordless device within a six foot range, even on crowded desks.
•Cruise Control™ scrolling system provides more efficient scrolling through long documents or web sites, and two thumb buttons let you quickly move forward or back between pages on the Internet.
•Quick Switch Program Selector lets you switch between active programs and documents easily.
•Rapid charge base station ensures that your mouse is always ready.

•IBM®-compatible PC
•Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® NT, Windows® 2000, Windows® Me, Windows® XP
•Available USB or PS/2 port
•Windows® 98 or later for USB
•CD-ROM drive

The Review:
The old adage of “a mouse is a mouse is a mouse” definitely do not apply in the case of the Logitech’s Mx 700 mouse. The first thing you notice when you handle the mouse is the comfortable feel to it. This is even before the computer is turned on. The sleekness and clicking buttons are a pleasure to use. Being cordless, I have found in the past that the battery is a pain when it starts to run down where this unit has a rechargeable set and at night you sort of hang up your mouse and the next day you are set to use it without interruption.

I plugged the unit into my Win XP system and without software I was off to the races. The mouse does have programmable buttons so if you wish to do more with your mouse, you can install the software for more great features built in for extra support.

I am very impressed with the advancements that Logitech has come up to with this latest unit and would certainly recommend it to everyone

Review ID Number: 400
  Product Details
Review Date: 2004-03-17
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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