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  VS4121 2.1 Speaker System
Words from the company:
When it comes to awesome performance in a compact design, few speaker systems compare to the VS4121. You’ve got to hear it to believe it. The tweeters sing with crisp, clear highs, while a unique, down-firing midrange driver in each satellite uniformly disperses sound around the room – creating a warmer, more natural ambiance. The long-throw woofer brings out the thumps and bumps that make listening to music, watching movies and playing games truly intense. This versatile and compact system fits anywhere – and sounds great everywhere.

•Serious Power - Experience what great performance is all about!
•Impressive bass - Feel shakes and quakes from the front-firing, long-throw subwoofer housed in a solid-wood cabinet.
•Crisp high end - Specially engineered Micro drivers reproduce highs with thrilling clarity.
•Exceptional sound dispersion - Our unique, down-firing midrange driver fills the room with rich, accurate sound - you'll enjoy clean mids anywhere in the room.
•Revolutionary, low-profile design - Looks great and fits virtually anywhere.
•Also features - Built-in controls with bass and treble, headphone jack, shielded satellites for use near video monitors, and color-coded cables for easy installation.

The Review:
This is my first actual review for a speaker system and I found it to be awesome. I have never heard such a crisp sound come from a set of small speakers that are only about half an inch thick. It comes with a subwoofer that you can control the bass output and pounds like you wouldn’t believe.

These speakers can be used for anything from a computer or laptop, to a gaming system, and also be used with TV’s or portable cd/mp3 players. A couple nice features that it comes with are color coded cables and an extra cable for gaming consoles.

The VS4121 is a great set of speakers for any computer user or gamer that wants a great sound for a good price. Highly recommended.

Review ID Number: 402
  Product Details
Altec Lansing
Review Date: 2004-03-03
Reviewer: Chad Laity
Rating: 10 out of 10
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