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  Aurilium PSC805 USB External Sound Card
Aurilium™ USB 2.0 certified audio processor is the ultimate PC audio upgrade for laptops and PC’s. Simple bus powered USB plug and play connection makes upgrading to high definition audio simple and easy. Sound Agent 2 technology gives you the ultimate in audio controls and effects for games, movies, and music – the complete solution for audio enthusiasts on the go!

Stylish and cool, the Aurilium has consumer electronics style external controls that are dynamically linked to the Sound Agent 2 software interface. Control for 5.1 channel volume, 3D effects, fade, input gain and mute in both hardware and software make the Aurilium the ultimate external PC audio solution available today.

Are you looking for a great sound card thats easy to install, has 5.1 sound capabilities, automatically adjusts its settings to the type of application you are using and will work with your laptop and/or desktop computer? I know thats a lot to ask for in a sound card, but the Philips Aurilium may be just what you are looking for.

Set up truly is plug and play, although it does have to have the Philips Sound Agent Software installed as well. The software installs in a couple minutes and you can't really go wrong installing it. As for the unit itself ... no you don't have to be a computer technician to put this unit in correctly. All you have to do is plug the unit into any available USB slot. With the unit being powered from the USB port, you don't even have to worry about re-arranging all those cords plugged into your already full surge protector or power bar.

I tested the card on a computer with an ATI Radeon Video Card including TV Tuner and DVD. The only thing I found that I didn't really get to excited about was the fact that to watch TV with sound I had to go into the Sound Agent Software and manually turn on the 'Line In' Monitor in order to get sound. All other sound configurations were automatically picked up by the card.

The unit is an external card as opposed to an internal one that must be installed into the computer. This has several advantages that I found right off including the opportunity to move it from computer to computer by simply plugging it into the computer's USB slot. This is ideal for people with Laptops where installing a sound card isn't that easy. Another great advantage is that should you get a new computer at anytime, you Aurilium sound card can be kept and used in the new computer without any hassles at all.

Oh and the looks of it ... you hi-tech people that are of mind that the more 'cool, hi-tech gadgets' you have the more impressive the set up is, will be impressed with the sleek, stylish and futuristic cosmetic design of the unit. With its silver case and glowing blue lights, you'll have even your most computer savvy friends asking about your set up.

The sound from these cards really is a treat to the ears and is a huge asset to online gamers. My computer did come equipped with an internal onboard 5.1 capable sound card, but it was no match at all for the Aurilium. The sound difference and clarity was very noticable.

The biggest downfall is the fact that it requires Windows XP to run. It won't run on older operating systems.


I am very impressed with the card as a whole. I think this external sound card may have hit a market that has previously been untouched in easy to install hardware that is traditionally an internal component. For a truly enjoyable sound or gaming experience this very affordable unit will certainly do the trick!

Now I just got to convince the boss to let me hook up the matching Philips 200w Fusion 610 speakers

Review ID Number: 407
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Review Date: 2003-10-22
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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