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  Vibrating Pinball
Words from the company:
Gives You Four-flipper Action!
Vibrating Pinball plays like a genuine arcade pinball machine! Gives you four-flipper fun, realistic sound effects, flashing LED lights and an exciting vibrating response to bumper-play. Catch the action on the realistic LCD screen and get an extra ball for every 10,000 points scored. Great fun for the pinball wizard in all of us!
• Vibration on Every Hit
• Authentic Arcade Pinball Layout
• Sound Effects & Flashing Lights

The Review:
The first thing you notice with this hand held Pinball game is the weight, not overly heavy but rather substantial. It does feel good in your hands as far as hand held games go. That is important if you are going to play with it for hours on end.

The sound effects are loud and they are ok to begin with but most will turn it off after about 10 to 15 minutes as they are loud and will annoy those around you.
The game has to be held a certain way to ensure that you are seeing the ball in action rather the possibilities of ball location on the screen. Once you get used to that, it gets more fun.

The modes that you can play are as follows:
Single player – one ball
Single player 3 balls
Two players – one ball
Two players – 3 balls

All in all this game is quite fun and would be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Review ID Number: 408
  Product Details
Excalibur Electronics
Review Date: 2003-09-27
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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