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Ron Ridley Auto Care Mall

Words from the company:
- Easy-to-use track editor
- 300 different race construction blocks
- Three racing environments; American Desert, Countryside and Winter Landscape
- Three different race modes; Rally, Stunt and Speed
- 50 single-player challenges
- Multiple multiplayer modes
- Scaleable graphics technology accommodates most system specifications

Min System Requirements:
Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP.
Pentium II 450 or equivalent.
32MB 3D graphics card.
Direct X9 compatible sound card.

These aren’t really words from the company as there is no description on the website. This info above is a sort of what you can do with the program and its requirements.

The review.
After installation and verification that the CD was an original and not pirated, the game is very easy to understand and use and it is very simplistic and I guess that formula does work very well with most gamers. The controls to race your car around is simply the cursor keys and they are very quick to respond making the control of your vehicle a breeze and this of course allows you to go at break-neck speed and still make it around the corners.

Right at the beginning I had found out that you are not restricted to the track and can in fact go off to explore on your own. As you practice racing, the object is to beat your own score and you can even race against your previous race ghost. I have not tried the online version of this game but I imagine I will have to get much better to compete realistically with others on line.

The graphics are not the greatest in today’s standards of gaming but never the less they are ok for this type of a game. You do get the weird stomach feeling as you go fast around the corners and up and down ramps which makes this game more fun than others I have played. You can of course also build your own course which makes this game a longer lasting one and then go on line and get others to race you on it.

Over all I found this game to be fun and one to be played for a long time.

Review ID Number: 41
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Review Date: 2004-05-22
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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