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  LCD Pool (Hand Held Game)

Here’s a game you can bank on! Play either 8-ball or Billiards. And just as on a full-size table, you control the power to the cue, the angle of your shots, and even the "English"—the spin put on the ball. Easy to learn and lots of fun for one to two players.

- Play 8-Ball or Billiards
- Play Against a Human Partner or the Computer
- Control Power, Angle & Spin


Everybody loves to shoot a game of pool now and then so I was quite intrigued at the possibility of playing anytime - anywhere. This little hand held gem is very lightweight and small enough to be taken anywhere.

It took a little bit of practice to get used to shooting the ball correctly. You line up your shots by rotating the rack of balls at the bottom of the unit and your shot is made by pulling back on the Cue Stick and releasing it. The further you pull back on the stick the more power your shot will have. You have full controll over the spin of your cue ball as well, better known as 'English' to pool enthusiasts. I did find that about once out of every three or four shots the cue power meter would just cut out and shoot as if you released the cue and shot. That did get frustrating at times.

The game can be played alone against the computer or against a friend. You may also play in practice mode alone as well where you can just practice making shots and getting the feel of the cue. But unless there is money on the line, my advice is to go straight to playing against the computer.

The graphic display can seem to be a bit choppy at first, but for an LCD based game the graphics of the balls rolling around and the distinction between the balls is really quite well done.

The sound only has two settings .. on and off. I would have liked to see a volume controlled sound as sometimes its great to hear the sounds of the game especially in two player mode. But at times the sounds can get quite repetitive to someone not actually playing that might be near by.


For anyone that does any traveling either alone with friends and family, this game is a great way to pass the time. It requires two 'AAA' batteries, but the battery life seems to be quite sufficient so you likely won't need to pack a lot of extra batteries. It’s a great game for anyone young or old! So what are you waiting for? Rack 'em!

Review ID Number: 412
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Excalibur Electronics
Review Date: 2003-08-07
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 8 out of 10
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