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  New York Times Crosswords (Hand Held Game)

Take along 1,000 crossword puzzles conveniently—in cars, on planes, trains, anywhere! No pencils to find. Just use the stylus that slips back into the unit. The best crossword puzzles are published by The New York Times—and these are some of its best!

- Hint key solves letter, word, or whole puzzles with a tap of the stylus!
- Battery-saving automatic power-off.
- 1,000 favorite puzzles from The New York Times
- Advanced touch-screen technology with stylus attached
- Three levels of play from beginner to advanced
- Auto Memory Save lets you finish puzzles at another time
- Includes puzzles edited by Will Shortz


The New York Times Touch Screen Crossword game is very much like a PDA in use, size and weight. The game does require three 'AAA' batteries.

You have four different skill levels to choose from from beginner to expert from well over 1,000 different puzzles. That many puzzles does mean hours and hours of crossword brain drain. This can be a good thing for the crossword enthusiast! I played on the second level, simply because I beleived I had what it takes to work at that level. Whle I wasn't able to fully complete the puzzles I tried I did find that a very satisfying level to play at. One try at the expertlevel left me shaking my head. Real crossword gurus will love it!

There is a feature that will allow you to solve the puzzle at the letter, word or complete puzzle level. Once you complete a puzzle it does give you a time that it took to complete the puzzle.

There is a backlight on the display that does make seeing the puzzle a little easier but I did find that no matter how much I adjusted the contrast the screen was still fairly dark and hard on the eyes after an extended play session.


This is one of the smartest little machines I have ever seen! The time goes by very quickly while playing. I did find two things I would like to have added or improved in any future versions. One being the dispay adjustments. The screen did get very hard to read after a while. I'd also like to see a running clock to see your time so far and maybe even a best time High Score list for each level.

Other than that, I certainly don't have any cross words for this unit. It’s quite amazing and provides hours and hours of brain excersise!

Review ID Number: 415
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Excalibur Electronics
Review Date: 2003-08-07
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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