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  eluminX keyboard
Info from the company:
• High Quality
• 104 keys
• 12 function keys
• Slim ergo curve design
• Illumination Color: Aqua Marine
• Fully compatible with PS2
• Laser printing keycaps for longer wear
• Keyboard dimension: 420(L)*156(W)*16(H)mm
• Works with: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT/ME, IBM PC
Quality and Reliability
• MTBF : + 60,000 hours
• Safety : FCC class B , CE
• The actual illumination color may vary slightly from picture
• Note: New colors will be available soon

The Review
I tested this “eluminx” keyboard with my hunt and peck method and I must say that the typing feels ok but the keys are a bit strange. The keys are see through so some of the lettering is rather hard to see. Some of the keys are in different locations such as the”|” key with the “\” and the normal set of keys that are usually found between the normal keys of the keyboard and the numeric key pad are squeezed in on the edge of the keyboard before the numeric keypad. In other words the page up and down and home and end are one above the other. (See screen shot one).

I am typing this review at night without any lights except for my word processor and its white background. What would be the purpose of this lit up keyboard except for typing at night without waking the wife or husband with the lights on. The keyboard is a bit shorter than normal ones so if you are lacking space, this would be handy. If this keyboard was designed for esthetics then why change the key layout and simply create a standard keyboard but just light it up like it is now. The keys are also flatter, less than a quarter inch in height so you don’t have to press them down as far. I don’t know if this helps increase the speed of typing with proper typing skills.

My overall feel for this keyboard is that if you have a chic pad with black lights and silver computer casing, then this keyboard will fit in just fine

Review ID Number: 423
  Product Details
Review Date: 2003-04-11
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 6 out of 10
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