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Info from the Company:
o Over 100 games to play
o The gun for "Mad Dog McCree"
o Supports up to 2048 x 1940 resolution
o USB plug and play setup
o No expansion card required
o 3D card support
o Extremely accurate
o 6-foot gun cable length
o M.A.M.E. Compatible

The ACT LABS PC USB Light Gun sets the new standard for PC shooting games. It will blow you away with its pixel accuracy, sleek pistol grip, and easy USB plug and play setup.

The Review:

On a windows XP machine, without any instruction in the box I set up the unit very carefully. I turned off the monitor and unplugged it from the back of the computer because the attached small box-like unit attached to the gun had a monitor plug port and another extension cable with the monitor plug at the end. I guessed that I had to run the monitor through this unit and was absolutely correct in my assumption. The other cable attached to the unit was a USB plug which I proceeded to plug into the computer as well.

"New hardware found", my computer said and I inserted the cd that came with the gun and the computer proceeded to install the light gun and was ready to use in under 4 minutes. Remembering that there is NO instruction booklet in the box.

Now to test the gun I placed the Game "Mad Dog McCree into the computer and instantly the game came up and I got into the old western shoot-out game in earnest. The gun felt very comfortable in my hand. I has a very nice grip. The reload is a flat long button on the left side of the gun and so this unit is definitely for right handed people. I had fun for hours playing with the gun and al I can say that it performed admirably. It felt like when I used to play at the arcade but was much more comfortable and more accurate as well. For the price everyone that plays shooting games should give this unit a try.

Review ID Number: 425
  Product Details
Act-Labs Ltd.
Review Date: 2003-03-06
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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