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  FriendlyNET FB 114 HUB
This is a USB hub that I got to test from ASANTE Technologies Inc..
It is designed for “high speed” transfer – USB 2 and is very small – approximately 1/2 “high, 3 ½” wide and 21/2” deep This allows me to pack it around with my laptop or when I placed it on top of my tower, it takes up very little space (see picture). I also included a picture of the company’s previous non powered cube for comparison – to show the improvements in design.
It comes with a power supply that you can use to assist your mother board to supply power to the USB ports. Some devices require more power than a motherboard USB port can supply.

Windows XP found the unit and set it up without the need for drivers. I was then able to plug in my Digital camera, USB joystick and the CH controllers. All without having to dig around in the tangle of wires behind my computer tower.

The only negative findings were that the USB cord that is supplied to connect to your computer should be 3-4” longer so one can move the hub anywhere on top of ones computer or even attach it to the side near the front ( with Velcro – not supplied). Also there wasn’t any spec sheet or manual supplied (minor inconvenience).

This will definitely become part of my personal computer setup

Review ID Number: 428
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ASANTE Technologies Inc
Review Date: 2002-12-19
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 9 out of 10
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