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  Philips Sonic Edge 5.1 605 Sou
Looking for a sound card will take you to the next dimension for music and gaming? New Philips Sonic Edge 5.1 grabs you out of the audience and puts you center stage, enveloped in sound from every direction. While other sound cards simply play the same two channels of music in both front and rear speakers, Sonic Edge 5.1 immerses you in five distinctly different channels of sound. Whether listening to a golden oldie or the latest hip-hop only Sonic Edge 5.1 puts you inside the music.

I tested this card on an XP Pro operating system with a 5.1 Speaker System. The physical installation wen t smothly, but the actual driver installation had a few problems. First of all I had to install, uninstall and re-install five times before I able to get it to work properly. The first two installations didn't give me any speaker configurations other than two speaker stereo so I downloaded the latest drivers from the website and the next two installations either did not complete or produced the same results. I was finally able to get it to install properly on my fifth and final try.

In each of the installations the computer seem to sit idle for about 7-8 minutes and appear not to be doing anything at all. Even the mouse locks up at one point in the installation. If you run into this, just let it go - it will eventually complete. Once installed the computer needs to reboot and the reboot also seems to have the same problem. You sit there for about 10-12 minutes staring at a black screen. Again, if you experience this, it will eventually reboot. Even after system shut downs and restarts after that the system takes much longer to boot up.

Although I was dissapointed by the installation, the quality of sound produced was a dramatic improvement over the stock onboard sound that was previously installed. Actually the sound was amazing. Once the drivers and software were installed the set up and configuration is very simple using the Sound Agent 2 inetrface. Revolutionary Sound Agent 2™ visual user interface offers complete control over all your sound applications. 15 different environments to experience your audio in dramatic settings. Features such as QSizzle™ and QRumble™ MP3 energy boost brings compressed music files to life!

Also up for some gaming? Don't settle for just 3D audio and EAX, let Sonic Edge 5.1 bring your games to life by adding even more layers of surround sound using QSound Labs patented QMSS 5.1™ technology. Not ready to invest in surround speakers just yet? Sonic Edge 5.1 expands music, games, even DVD's to 3 dimensions with ordinary stereo speakers. The Sonic Edge features the New Sound Agent 2™ visual user interface for state of the art features and ultimate sound control. The combination of EAX™ 2.0 game support plus additional layers of surround sound created by QMSS™ for the ultimate surround sound gaming experience.

Experience all your music including MP3's, CD's, music videos, internet radio even MIDI files in four distinctly different channels of sound.

The sound card comes with the following applications:

-Play, rip and burn MP3s and CD's with MusicMatch™ Jukebox Plus
-Create music videos from your favorite MP3's and digital images using AudioPix™
-Produce and play your own music with Acid™ Xpress

For the price, it is a good buy. The question is if it's worth the possible installation and system sacrifices? If it's great sound from your system wether it's 2, 4, 5 or 6 speakers, this card will certainly help deliver it. If it wasn't for the installation issues I had installing it, this card would score much higher. As it is, I will have to knock a couple points off for installation.

Review ID Number: 434
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Review Date: 2002-10-25
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 7 out of 10
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