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  R-440 Force feedback wheel and
The wheel and pedals set up quickly with the one-usb attachment to the computer The only problem I had was my computer desk was too thick for the steering wheel bracket.

Set up is fairly simple but you need to reset the computer a few time and also unplug the wheel from the computer while doing the setup... but after you get it loaded the computer has no trouble's with it.

After loading a few games (muscle cars) (Indy 500) (grand tourismo ), our testing software, I got the chance to do some real racing the way it should be done. All I can say about the Saitek R-440 is that if you like racing games with the feel of the real thing then you need to get this force feedback system very clean style, feels and looks great too.

Review ID Number: 437
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Review Date: 2002-07-22
Reviewer: Mike Kubilius
Rating: 8 out of 10
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