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  4100 Advanced 4.1 Speak System

- 140 Watts
- 70 Watts RMS
- High Performance Micro Drivers
- Ported, Dual Subwoofer Drivers
- Dual Mode Selector
- Aluminum Coned Micro Driver
- Full-Function Digital Controller
- Total Connectivity
- Headphone Jack
- Auxiliary Input Jack


Featuring 4.1 surround sound when setup properly and a powerful dual subwoofer this is a speaker system that can change the way you view mp3’s and pc gaming. After setting the system up, which was easy due to clear instructions that are provided with the system, I decided to first turn on some contemporary mp3’s. The music was so crisp and clear that I think the neighbors thought it was having a party.

After being scolded by my neighbors I decided to turn the speakers down just a little bit which was a snap with a neat wired controller that comes with the system. You can adjust the treble, bass, and overall sound levels as well as set the speaker mode from surround sound to gaming mode.

All in all this is a great speaker system whether you are an avid gamer or a serious party head and got more mp3’s then you know what to do with.

Review ID Number: 438
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Altec Lansing
Review Date: 2002-07-16
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 10 out of 10
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