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Ron Ridley Auto Care Mall

  Altec Lansing 2.1 (2100) 40 watt Speaker System
The Box Says "Experience Performance and Power with the Advanced MICRO DRIVER TECHNOLOGY'

Lets start off by saying what are they doing?

the 2 100 system sounds like you are in a tunnel ...
They don't sound good at all this is not like altec ...
The 2 100 is packaged good a little care is needed when setting up, but the worst part of the system is the remote you get. The remote has a 6 feet of cord and it does get in the way
The company should have made it infra - red this would have looked better and the little metal stands the speakers sit on could use some work, they look great but be careful where you place them.

All in all the sub makes some noise you do have to turn it up a lot to get the boooommmmm

Review ID Number: 439
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Altec Lansing
Review Date: 2002-07-15
Reviewer: Mike Kubilius
Rating: 6 out of 10
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