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  Altec Lansing 641 4.1 Digital
The 641 4.1 Digital Speaker System from Altec Lansing is definitely the ultimate in brain shaking, glass breaking sound. The first time I had set it up was in my own home because the office was just not right for this size of sound system output. I had turned it on with a DVD movie and with the system only turned up a quarter of its capability, my wife came running into the study screaming at me that all the windows were rattling and that I had to turn it down. At this point I hadn't even turned it up; I knew then I had something special to play with, 400 watts of power.

The four great looking speakers are relatively small and yet put out incredible sound. The subwoofer is in fact larger than my tower and weighs twice as much too.
I played some games with the system and with the speakers all around me, I found that the gaming experience is truly awesome and encompassing.

If anyone wants a great system to enhance their gaming experience as well as any music or movie listening will do very well with the 641 from Altec Lansing.

I will be reviewing other Altec Lansing speaker systems here and it will definitely be harder to do because how do you beat this system.

Here are the specs on the system:
• 400 Watts Total System Power (200 Watts RMS)
• Tri-Mode Selector
• Dual Subwoofer Drivers
• Mylar Tweeters
• High Performance Drivers
• Full-Function Digital Controller
• Total Connectivity
• Headphone Jack
• Auxiliary Input Jack
• Wall Bracket
• Shielded Satellites

PS, the setup was a breeze and I didn't even had to look at the instructions.

Review ID Number: 440
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Altec Lansing
Review Date: 2002-07-03
Rating: 10 out of 10
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