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  ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500

 I have been using ATI video cards ever since I have been using PCs but this is the first time that I actually paid close attention to the whole process of installation and then testing.

To start out, I had to first remove the All In Wonder Rage 128 AGP with 32 Mb of SDR SGRAM. To do this, I had to delete it from the device manager as well as uninstall it through the “add/remove” in the control panel. Then I actually deleted the ATI folder off the hard drive to ensure that noting was left behind.

I first set up a simple Windows video driver to start from and then upon rebooting, the computer found the new hardware and I directed it to the CD that came with the Card. One by one all drivers for the card were installed; and there were quite a few. After all was installed, I did reboot one more time to ensure all was ready and working fine. The program did install an ATI task bar on the side of the screen which I proceeded to take off as I do not find it necessary to clutter my screen with all these types of gadgets.

Upon going through the settings, the first thing I noticed was the Hydravision allows you to work with multiple monitors showing different work that you have open. I believe that I would call this true visual multitasking, awesome. I am the type of person that would have up to six or even eight programs open at the same time and I would go back and forth where now I can just move my head left to right.

Now I could say that video card is powered by one of the most competitive graphics processors currently available and operating at a core clock speed of 275 MHz (megahertz) and a memory clock speed of 275 MHz but I look at the physical and it is definitely smooth.

I am using a seventeen inch monitor at 1024 by 768 resolution (32 bit) and the ATI DVD player gives me an incredibly clear picture. I am also plugged into cable so the TV tuner is working and of course the graphic quality is nowhere near that of the DVD videos I have tested. The playback quality is great and the more space I allocate to the saving of the video stream, the longer my playback capabilities.
Recording shows off TV is relatively easy with the included software. As I put 15 gig of hard drive space for recording TV, I get over 5 hours of recording capability which is just great.

I also like the added feature of a remote control for the ATI features. Everything from channel changing to DVD player to recording to shut off is accessible and what more could a man ask for.
In a very short time playing with this “ATI All In Wonder Radeon 8500 - 128 Mb” video card, I am in love.

Review ID Number: 441
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ATI Technologies
Review Date: 2002-07-02
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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