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  Fujifilm FinePix F601 Zoom Dig
The FinePix F601 Zoom Digital Camera from Fujifilm is a dream digital camera recently released from the company. I have had the pleasure to use it of late and I found it better than my more expensive camera that I had obtained last year from Fujifilm.

This one has similar features such as continuous 5 frames per second series, automatic, portrait, and landscape as well as night photography.

The biggest bonus in this camera is the size; 2.8" wide by 3.7" high by 1.3" deep. This means that it fits comfortably in a man's shirt pocket without any problems. The quality is 3.1 million pixels. I took most of my pictures in 3 Mb Fine mode which made my pictures 1.1 to 1.3 Mb each. I was able to take over 110 pictures on a 128 Mb smart card.

I also took close to 4 minutes of Video with sound with the output being 640 X 480 on the screen and the quality was superb. It also records sound like a tape recorder and a 128Mb smart card can hold up to 5 hours which is just great. I have not seen higher memory cards than 128 Mb but it is just a matter of time before higher cards will be available.

I was able to set a 10 sec timer with the camera on a tripod and that worked great.
You can view all the pictures you have taken with the added advantage of selecting a picture, then zooming in on a specific area and then crop the image which then saves itself as a separate file. I found this out by accident.

The speaker in the camera is really miniscule so the sound is very low on replay but in most cases you would be transferring the file to a computer anyway and there the sound is just fine.
I had taken this camera to use @ E3 in Los Angeles this May and I had charged the camera before I left and I had filled 2 smart cards (128Mb each) and the cameras battery was strong enough to last me the whole trip and only after I returned that I decided to recharge the battery even though it wasn't complaining of low battery life yet.

Personally, I feel that Fujifilm has done a super job on this model and I recommend it highly to anyone in need of a great digital camera. You can see the pictures I took @ E3 as soon as I get them on line under the News and Events section

Review ID Number: 444
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Review Date: 2002-06-01
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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