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  Vivastar CD/CDR

Box Shot I was approached to check out a Swiss company’s new product line of CD's to burn. Now when you think Swiss, I think of precision watches and maybe that is sort of single minded but then maybe it helped me test out the CD's that the company had sent me.
We normally test software and hardware and of course blank CD's do not qualify in either category but I decided to try them out because I burn a ton of CD's and from time to time in all brands I have come across bad ones.
Now there is only so much you can do to test a blank CD. The procedure I did of course was to burn a music CD and I backed up software on a couple of others and without a flaw, they all burned just fine. I cannot tell without super fine testing equipment so all I can say about this product is that they burned fine.
I am not sure about their cost as we never really look into that aspect of a product unless it is truly outstanding for the price.
I have not seen this brand in any of our stores around here so I am not sure if they are available in Canada or even in North America but If you see them on store shelves, I am here to tell you that you cannot go wrong with them
The CD's the company produces are:

650MB, 74 min. 2x - 12x compatible
700MB, 80 min. 2x - 12x compatible

650MB, 74 min. 1x - 4x compatible

CD-R Audio
650MB, 74 min. 1x - 8x compatible
700MB, 80 min. 1x - 8x compatible

Review ID Number: 445
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Vivastar Storage Technology
Review Date: 2001-09-26
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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