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  Quick Link Pen
First of all the Quick Link Pen package comes with:

Quick Link Pen; Carrying Case; QuickLink Interface Software CD with tutorial video; Operation manual; Quick Reference Card; Opticard; QuickLink-PC communication cable; 2 AAA batteries; Free Ligature CharacterEyes OCR software (limited version)

The Quick Link Pen is an electronic highlighter and it lets you scan and look at information in a bigger font. After the information is scanned it can be transported to a PC using it's QuickLink-PC communication cable. The information gets transferred to either any one of the Microsoft Office Programs, Word, Excel, and Outlook, or, to the QuickLink Interface Software that comes with the pen.

The pen has seven easy to use buttons that are ON, ENTER, ESCAPE, and the UP and DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrows. These buttons are used to operate the many functions of the Quick Link Pen like, the NOTES, ADDRESS BOOK, INTERNET LINKS, and the TABLE scanning functions.

The pen is light and fully portable and it is great if your eyesight is bad, or, if you are a slow typist. Two of the many great advantages are that the pen is fast and easy to use. It took me only about an hour to learn in detail how to use the pen. I would recommend this for anyone who has a fast paced life or just has trouble reading small print. Another good point about the pen is the manual, it is short and to the point and very easy to read. There is a lot more information about the pen at,, here they tell about all of the specs and other toys that you can get for the pen.

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Wiz Com Tech
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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