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  CH Products Game Pad
Being mostly a Playstation gamer, I tend to prefer using a gamepad to a joystick, and after using this baby, you will never want to use a joystick again. With it's sleek design and glossy black finish, friends will be impressed just by seeing this gamepad next to your computer.
As soon as you pick up CH Products USB Gamepad, you will realize why I love it so much. It's lightweight yet durable feel and incredibly comfortable ergonometric design truly compliments it's arrestingly stylish looks. With this gamepad, you will never have to worry about getting "Nintendo Thumb," that's for sure.

Now not only does the CH Products USB Gamepad look and feel good, but with it's Plug and Play installation, you will be gaming with it seconds after you plug it in. Since it's a USB device, you can plug it in "hot" or while the computer is on, and it is automatically recognized and brings up the "Add New Hardware Wizard" screen for you. With literally 5 clicks of the mouse, your gamepad is installed and calibrated. It's as easy as that!

However after I installed the USB Gamepad, I had some problems using it. I had previously installed and configured my CH Products Flightstick Pro in my computer and this caused my gamepad not to work for some reason. The gamepad installed as easily as I mentioned above and automatically calibrated itself, but when I went to use it in Microsoft's Midtown Madness, it would not respond. I then called CH Products tech support and they suggested I uninstall my Flightstick Pro and USB Gamepad and then reinstall them both doing the Gamepad first. I did this and it worked.

For anyone who wants a lightweight gaming controller that feels like an extension of your hands due to it's contoured design, I definitely recommend CH Products USB Gamepad.

Review ID Number: 453
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CH Products
Review Date: 2001-04-18
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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