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  MTX: Mototrax
Words from the company:
Get the jump out of the gate and grab the holeshot. Take the inside line as you battle for 1st place against 7 other riders pushing your bike's power and handling to the limit! Launch into a gravity-defying inverted 360 before crossing the finish line to the roar of the crowd. Earn more cold hard cash from contest wins and sponsorships. Use the money to modify your rider's attributes, purchase equipment upgrades or buy access to freeride environments complete with new goals and objectives. Accept the MTX: Mototrax challenge: beat the pros and become the ultimate MX athlete in the fastest, most complete motocross game offering a thrilling career mode to boost your fame, fortune and adrenaline!

• Career Mode – Players can immerse themselves in a career mode that’s easy to play but hard to master. Gamers use their skills and savvy to progress through all the motocross disciplines – motocross, supercross and freestyle – to become the ultimate MX athlete.
• New Online Play – For the first time in a motocross game, players can go online and compete against up to seven other players (Xbox Live, up to 3 opponents on PlayStation 2) in 20 different levels set in a variety of locations from around the globe.
• Rider Customization and Upgrade System – MTX: Mototrax allows rider customization and an upgrade system for detailed attribute modification. If gamers race well, they earn money, sponsorships, gear and equipment upgrades or they spend their cash to unlock exclusive free-ride environments.
• Fastest Gaming Experience – The fastest motocross gaming experience ever created, delivering 60 frames per second. This provides smooth game play, quick controller response and incredible realism.
• Unique Track Creations – After playing through the 24 career mode levels, gamers create their own unique tracks that may be traded online with other players.
• Freestyle Events – Gamers can battle for 1st place against a pack of seven A.I. riders and show-off their high-flying creativity in freestyle events.
• Realistic Bikes and Gear - MTX: Mototrax features real bikes and gear from manufacturers like Suzuki and Yamaha. Players can upgrade their power as they progress and ride 125cc and 250cc 2 stroke bikes as well as 250cc and 450cc 4 stroke bikes.
• Featuring Travis Pastrana - Legendary racer and freestyle rider Travis Pastrana is featured in MTX: Mototrax, as well as 12 other top pro riders.

The Review:
What can I say about MTX: Mototrax? Very addictive and fun for the whole family. I was supposed to have a review for this game about a week ago but I couldn’t stop playing. I had raced dirt bikes since I was seven, and played quite a few other dirt bike racing games, so I couldn’t wait to do a review on this one.

Well, MTX: Mototrax outweighs the others by a long shot. Motocross, supercross, and free style are all represented in the career, free ride, and multiplayer modes. The online gaming is a blast and functions as expected. The main part of the game takes place in the career mode where you compete in all three styles of racing. As you win, you’ll be able to swap teams and sponsors while earning cash. There is enough variety in the career mode to keep it fresh, and solid game play mechanics to keep you moving to the next race. The gorgeous graphics, sound and game play are superb, and the different racing styles will keep you playing for hours.

Think you've got what it takes?

Review ID Number: 456
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Review Date: 2004-03-21
Reviewer: Chad Laity
Rating: 9 out of 10
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