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  Minority Report: Everybody Runs
2054 – You are Precrime Officer John Anderton, head of an elite police division that can predict and apprehend murderers before their crime can be committed. Anderton thought the system was perfect – until it came after him. Now you’re on the run, fighting for your life through over 40 action-packed levels. Take on human and robotic enemies with hand-to-hand combat moves and an explosive arsenal of weapons as you attempt to clear your name and stop an insidious conspiracy before it’s too late.

Sounds like a fascinating set up for a futuristic sci-fi game right. Well, it more of just a movie-license fighting game. While the Spielberg movie by the same name was incredible, this game falls short of being a blockbuster. Minority Report: Everybody Runs is basically just a 3D beat-‘em-up fighting game with a few puzzles and boss-battles sprinkled throughout. Don’t get me wrong, the game was fun… but, after a while, got a little boring. The combat system was well done and was one of the better points of the game. You are able to perform a plethora of fighting moves in hand-to-hand combat. Individual moves or combinations of moves, if you can think of it, John Anderton can probably do it. It’s especially fun to beat an opponent senseless, pick up his lifeless body by the heels, twirl him around, and then throw him through a glass window or into a wall. Hmmmm, I thought that you were supposed to be proving your innocence, not committing more acts of murder on the cities police force….

Even more fun than throwing your enemy through a plate glass window (which shatters quite impressively I might add) or the use of your concussion-rifle (which has an awesome air-warping effect when fired) is the use of the Jet-pack. While not a permanent fixture at your disposal, it does break the monotony of running around and killing everyone. Speaking of running around, that is a little secret of gameplay… you can avoid fights altogether and zip through whole levels by just running past everything and everyone. Now this idea would make more sense if the game were a stealth/evasion experience that more closely followed the movie, but this in not the case, and makes this just a glitch in this kill-everything fighting game.

Something that I believe had great potential in Minority Report but was not implemented very well at all was the Black Market aspect of the game. It would have been a great idea, especially if you had to travel to a seedy part of town and haggle with some punk to get a new weapon or some armor/fighting upgrades… but instead right in the middle of any battle, with a click of the START/pause button… bam – you have new armor and some puke grenades. Quite an oversight I think.

All-in-all, Minority Report: Everybody Runs was fun, but I think that the lack of effort put into the levels really hurts it’s long-term appeal. I just don’t understand why you’d be killing everyone to prove that you are not a murderer? If you like endless fighting games, you’ll probably like this one, but I think that my own Pre-Cog abilities see this game not being a permanent addition to most gamers libraries.

Review ID Number: 460
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Review Date: 2003-03-31
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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