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Eons ago, a bottomless rift was created that dived the worlds of light and darkness. The people of the light grew strong and proud, while those of the dark grew twisted with hatred and jealousy. Over the centuries, the rift has started to close… It is only a matter of time before the forces of Light and Dark clash in an unprecedented, merciless struggle for survival!

Game Play
Upon starting Enclave you are faced with a decision… be a warrior of the light, or a minion of the dark, each with it’s own complete story and characters. In actuality, you don’t really have a choice because the dark campaign is not available to play until the light campaign has been completed. There are more than 25 different fantasy levels, as well as bonus levels, in both indoor and outdoor environments, each with unique weather conditions, and detailed terrain, and lighting effects.

As you proceed throughout the game, more characters become available for you to play. After selecting your next campaign on The World Map, you are taken to the Character Equip screen. Here, you are able to choose which character you wish to play and to equip that character with various different weaponry and items, depending on how much gold you have collected on your journey. If you are having trouble passing a level with one character, you are able to try it with a different character. This is useful because individual character is unique and has their own attributes, strengths, available weapons, and special abilities. As you unlock new missions, new equipment options become available to each character. In the Light Campaign, the characters available to you include a Knight, a Huntress, a Wizard, a Druid, an Engineer, and a Halfling. On the Dark side, there is a Berserker, an Assassin, a Sorceress, a Lich, a Bombardier, and a Goblin.

There is an entire arsenal of weapons to choose from. This includes everything from broad swords, to axes, to morning stars for hand-to-hand melee combat, and things like magical staffs, crossbows, and long bows for distance and sniper attacks. The type of weapons and equipment available for you to buy (at the beginning of the mission) will depend on the character you chose to use. Certain weapons and items are only available to a particular class of character. There are even siege weapons throughout the different levels enabling you to destroy large sections of the environment in real time. Use a catapult to topple a sniper tower if you are out of arrows or use a cannon to blast though a door (taking enemies out with it) if your health is low. Glass can be broken, walls can be crumbled and bridges can be destroyed in the intricately designed environments.

Unlike many other games in this genre, the enemy AI is very well-developed and realistic. Enemy attacks are far from predicable. Different enemies will react differently to you depending on the type of weaponry you are wielding. For example if you have a distance weapon like a magical staff or a crossbow, enemies will rush you to get in close for a hit. Conversely, if you are holding a sword or club, your enemies will stand back and use their long range attacks and then proceed to a melee situation.

Throughout the game you collect gold, and as you finish each mission, you are rewarded with gold as well. This can then be used at the beginning of the next mission to buy new and better weapons, arrows, armor, and potions. If you don’t collect all the gold on a level, or want to try the mission with a different character… not to worry, each level can be replayed once at The World Map screen.

With incredibly detailed environments and realistic combat sequences, this game is definitely a keeper. Not only that, but you are able to control which side you are fighting for, good or evil, depending on what type of mood you are in when you sit down for a gaming session. A variety of characters and weapons also make the re-playability of Enclave phenomenal. I say… go out and buy it.

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Starbreeze Studios/Conspiracy Entertainment
Review Date: 2002-09-21
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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