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  NFL Fever 2002

Great Graphics:

- Lighting. Highlighting and shadows move across players' bodies and uniforms. Helmets include reflection of stadium lights and architecture, while dramatic day and night skies and shadows are visible.
- Models. Highly detailed player models reflect the size, shape and attitude of real NFL players, including variable accessories such as gloves, wristbands, face masks, taped fingers, QB play sheets, shoes, spats and pads. Players' faces animate and lip-sync for incredibly realistic taunts, celebrations, brutal hits and fatigue.
- Movement. Momentum-based motions in the game are captured at game speed with a highly detailed skeleton to provide some of the most bone-crunchingly realistic animation of any electronic football game to date.
Great Gameplay:
- Pace. Maximize the players' time on the field scoring points and delivering crushing blows.
- Player interaction. NFL Fever 2002 delivers some of the most intuitive and responsive game controls available in sports games.
Challenging Depth:
- Dynasty mode. Gamers can play multiple seasons and unlock Super Bowl championship teams that will become on-field opponents as part of the game players' future schedules.
- All-time challenge mode. Players can challenge the greatest Super Bowl teams of all time.
Trophy case. Players can work their way into the Hall of Fame and collect virtual trophies for season and career accomplishments.
- Dynamic Player Performance Model (DPPM). Ratings improve as players improve their game characters' skills.



Number Of Players

1-4 Players


E for Everyone


NFL Fever 2002 is Microsoft’s entry into the first generation Xbox football pool. Pitted up against Electronic Arts tried and true Madden 2002 and Sega’s surprising NFL 2K2.

Graphics and Presentation

The graphics in NFL Fever 2002 are just incredible and beat its competition hands down. Part of the reason for this is that Madden 2002 and NFL 2K2 are really ports of the previously released Playstation 2 versions. Microsoft was able to spend a lot more time examining the XBOX console and pumping out every bit of texture and animation as possible. The end result is a much more polished looking game with many more animations mimicking the stars of the National Football League.


If the game suffers anywhere its in the area of gameplay. One must remember that this is the first NFL Fever game to hit a console whereas Sega and Electronic arts have been refining their AI and gameplay coding for years. NFL 2K2 comes out on top of this category. In no other football game do they give you as full control over every player on the field at any time as in NFL 2K2.

Lasting Appeal

All three games come complete with Franchise mode lending itself to hours and hours of replay value. A Create-A-Player feature has come common place in all sports games and Microsoft makes no exception with NFL Fever 2002.

Keep an eye out for NFL Fever 2003 complete with updated graphics, rosters, gameplay, and the addition of Online play via the broadband adapter.

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Review Date: 2002-06-24
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 9 out of 10
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