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Open freestyle riding. Snowboard enthusiasts can forget miles of barren wasteland and tight tunnel races. Amped offers 1,500 jumps and rails on 80 wide-open mountain runs.

- Players can jib, bonk or spin between runs to hidden areas and cool jump sequences.

- Mountains are alive with crashing boarders, flying pros and roaming photographers.

Spectacular real mountains. Players can ride the runs on real mountain resorts: Utah's Brighton, Vermont's Stratton and California's Snow Summit.

- Premier snowboarding resorts are re-created with perfect snow conditions and jaw-dropping, built-for-Xbox graphics.

- Four international fantasy venues designed by world-renowned terrain architect Chris Gunnarson are ready for exploration.

Snowboarding media stars. Players vie for enough global exposure to become one of the world's snowboarding media superstars.

- Snowboarders have the chance to perform insane tricks in front of roaming photographers and camera crews to get their face on video and magazine covers.

- Players also can take on challenges such as "follow the pro" or jib the snow off trees to gain exposure and unlock mountains.

More music. Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding offers ten CDs worth of hot new indie music from pounding hip-hop to rhythmic reggae.

- The game includes over 220 songs from core indie labels.

- Players also can rip their own songs onto Xbox, make their own playlists and import them into the game.
More in-game choice for maximum replayability. Players make gameplay choices on the mountain, not in a menu of disconnected events. Snowboarders start at the top of a peak and decide how to win from there.

- There are hundreds of ways down each mountain packed with rails, kickers and half-pipes. Players take on 125 challenges, explore hidden areas and locate new spectators for a different ride every time.

- Gamers can design their own multiplayer sessions and make up the rules of freestyle competition.




1-4 Players


E for Everyone


If you feel like getting “Amped” about a video game then pick up a copy right away because this is quite possibly the best snowboarding game that I’ve ever played. Because of the fact that I’m not into what I consider to be “Extreme Sports” I must say that I am shocked at how impressed I am with this title I am. But there is just so much depth and the game play is so much fun that I couldn’t possibly say a bad word about this title.

I started off on single race mode just to get a feel for the game and to learn how to do a few tricks but it was the career mode that got me hooked. You start off ranked 125th in the world rankings with very few skills or accomplishments to talk about. Score points, break records, impress the media and all of this will start to change. By beating points records on each slope you can gain 3 bonus attribute points which can be used to improve your skills. Eventually you can work yourself up to the number 1 ranking position. Fame and glory can be yours.

Review ID Number: 469
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Review Date: 2002-06-19
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 10 out of 10
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