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  Downhill Domination
From the Box
Wicked terrain. 100-foot drops. Broken bones. It’s pulsing through your veins – the addiction to living on the edge and the desire to win the downhill mountain bike championships. Nothing will keep you from owning this mountain – and you competition. Not even a few broken bones.

The Skinny
Downhill Domination is the first downhill mountain bike racing/combat game for the PS2. In control (and sometimes out-of-control) of a customizable mountain bike, players race down vertical mountainsides across the globe, perform gravity defying stunts at speed in excess of 60 miles per hour, and kick/punch/hip check or even throw water bottles at your opponents, in an attempt to gain corporate sponsorship and a finally a chance to win the coveted Downhill Domination Championship.

Downhill Domination is full of features. Play as one of 14 distinct riders, 5 of which are real-world professional racers including Brian Lopes, Eric Carter, Tara Llanes, Missy Giove and Richie Schley. The game offers 27 courses across the world taking you to the breathtaking sights of Mt. MiDoule, Italy, to the crumbling medieval ruins on Mt. Liddellroch, Scotland, to the tourist filled Mt. Imasaki, Japan, to the freezer burnt, polar bear infested, abominable heights of Mt. Zorkovaska, Russia. There’s even a grizzly bear and deer filled Canadian destination called Mt. McSchley. The vast courses are incredibly detailed with both animal and environmental objects, all of which can either be used or get in the way. Whether it be zooming past a llama, escaping from a Russian soldier, avoiding an irate mountain goat, jumping over a rushing river or waterfall, knocking down a wandering hiker, or even dodging a lightning strike, you must be quick on your pedals if you want to make it down the hill in one piece. You are a radically fast and furious, two-wheeled maniac trying not to break your neck and be first across the finish line.

There are three different riding styles to chose from: Mountain Cross, Technical Downhill, and Freeride. Mountain Cross is a moto-cross style set of races on short courses that have numerous jumping possibilities. Technical Downhill includes a variety of challenges like narrow courses, multiple obsticals, etc. And Freeride is (as you would assume) and open course free from time restraints and opponents. In single player-mode you have four typical options for play including, Single Event, Career, Arcade, and Training Courses. You are also able to play in the Moshbowl or Super Jump once you have either unlocked or purchased them. In Multi-player mode, 2 to 4 players (with multi-tap) can game together in Single Event Freeride and Racing matches, Moshbowl, Super Jump, Arcade, Custom Tournament, or Dual Slalom. Players earn cash and points from collecting pickups, winning event and careers, and pulling off cool tricks. The cash and points (which translate into more cash) can be used to buy equipment and upgrades for their bikes. You can also use the cash to unlock or purchase bonuses of all shapes and sizes – different modes of play, videos, music, new riders, pickup editors and even new modes of transportation (you could ride a sheep, deer, or llama if you have enough cash).

The Bottom Line
Even though you will not find as many tricks as in a ‘Tony Hawk’ game, the incredible graphics and expansive courses make up for this shortcoming. If you love speed, insane courses, and lots of challenges, you will certainly like Downhill Domination. Hardcore mountain bikers will no doubt love the freedom to pull of otherwise impossible tricks and experience awesome slopes… Regardless of what sport you fancy, Downhill Domination is a game that you should definitely check out.

Review ID Number: 476
  Product Details
Sony Computer Entertainment
Review Date: 2003-12-16
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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