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Following the events of the blockbuster Universal Pictures film, troubled scientist Dr. Bruce Banner and his enlarged alter ego, The Hulk, battle The Leader – a terrifying villain intent on unleashing a relentless army of gamma creatures on the world.
Play as Bruce Banner and The Hulk as you sneak and smash your way through this epic adventure. Only by controlling the incredible power of the beast within can you destroy the diabolical intentions of The Leader to save the world… and yourself!

The Skinny
It’s becoming the case more and more often that you can pretty much bet that when a movie is released, there will be a videogame to follow. Minority Report, Spiderman, Blade II, Lord of the Rings, etc. and the list goes on. And now, for all those lovers of the emerald green behemoth, the wait is no more. That’s right… you can now vent your frustrations and unheard opinions out in videogame form by smashing everything in sight as the colossal, all-powerful Hulk. And to make things even better, you can play the Hulk videogame before you see the movie, and not have the movie experience ruined for you. The Hulk videogame is actually more of a sequel to the movie telling a whole new tale, rather than just being an adaptation of the blockbuster film.

There are two types of game play – as Dr. Bruce Banner using intellect and stealth, and of course, as The Hulk, using your incredible strength in a fury of destruction. I’m sure that most people will have a preference as to which character they would prefer to play (throughout the whole game if possible) but unfortunately, you do not have that choice and are forced to play as the wimpy geek know as Bruce at predetermined points throughout the game. As Bruce, you sneak around avoiding detection and have to solve “puzzles” instead of just destroying everything in your path. When playing as Dr. Bruce Banner, you have to control your Hulkiness by avoiding enemy confrontation/detection, and not turn into the green goliath in order to successfully complete your missions… but lets face it, this game is not Splinter Cell or Metal Gear, and dammit, I wanna destroy stuff, not be “sneaky”. I don’t care what Bruce Banner says… I do like him when he gets angry.

The Hulk includes 25 levels, each with interactive environments that allow you to manipulate, pick-up, use as a weapon, or destroy virtually everything. Sounds fun right… well, despite the utter joy you will get from picking up a soldier and smashing him into a wall, or picking up a tanker and using it to smash all the ant-like soldiers, the game gets kinda monotonous and repetitive after a while. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun with this game, especially when I was playing as The Hulk. I just think that some improvements could be made to make the game even better. One for example, was the “smart camera”. Most of the time, and especially when playing as Banner, the camera angle seemed anything but smart, and actually prevented you from seeing the enemies. It just seemed weird that I was not able to adjust the camera when I wanted to, and made playing the game awkward and frustrating at times.

The sound was nicely done and with the options of either stereo or Dolby 5.1, you can tell that Vivendi wanted to give the gamer as cinematic an experience as possible. Shattering glass, explosions, and bellowing roars from the green smashing machine all helped to create an immersive gaming experience. And to top it all off, they even used the vocal talents of the same actor that played Dr. Banner in the movie, Bruce Bana, for the voice overs.

The Bottom Line
This is the first time that Emerald Giant has come to the console (or PC for that matter), and I think that it was worth the wait. With the perfect proportions of destroy everything gameplay and a combo system that is easy to pick up, the Hulk game will please most action game fans. The drawn out Banner missions and frustrating camera angles are definitely the two main flaws of the game… but I’m sure that both of these will be rectified in the sequel (if the rumors are correct). All in all, you should for sure check this little green gem out.

Review ID Number: 479
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Vivendi Universal
Review Date: 2003-08-17
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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