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  Blade II
Blade II is an action/adventure combat-fest that allows you to be Blade, the half-vampire, half-human superhero who lives to rid the world of vampires. Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons and martial arts moves, you must stop the vampire underworld from farming humans for their souls by exploiting Blade's vampire abilities to defeat enemies.

Being a fan of the movie by the same name, my hopes were high when I decided to try out the PS2 game, Blade II. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. The missions are mainly fighting Vampires and the destruction of vehicles and other machinery. Killing vampires and blowing up things should be fun, especially when you are Blade “the Daywalker”… right? It turns out that fighting dozens of look-a-likes with your standard punch, punch, kick, can get pretty monotonous. Sometimes you pull off a cool combo attack, but have no idea how you did it. This is all due to the horrible control interface. Instead of using a separate button for punching and kicking attacks, you are forced to use the right analog stick to accomplish these moves. The use of 360 degree combat was a cool idea, but unfortunately, was not implemented very well. The left analog stick is used for your movement and look. This takes a while to get used to ends up being more frustrating that anything. You have a nice arsenal of weapons at your disposal too, and I especially enjoyed throwing the glaive and decapitating my victims. However, I was again disappointed to find that I was unable to equip the katana attached to my back (starring at you and taunting you thanks to the third-person floating camera) and use it at whenever I wanted to. Instead, you have to build up you “rage meter” in order to take out your sword… bummer.

While this isn’t going to be the worst game you’ll ever play, it certainly is not the one you are going to want to run out and buy before your neighbors do either. In fact, you won’t have even have to reserve a copy at your local game rental outlet either, because this game would is probably going to be rented as much as Brittney’s Dance Beat game… yeeeuch! All in all, it’s not just the vampires that suck in this game.

Review ID Number: 484
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Review Date: 2003-02-17
Reviewer: Shawn Sardy
Rating: 5 out of 10
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