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  Matt Hoffman BMX2
The first Mat Hoffman game was definitely a copycat of the First Tony Hawk game and didn't really have too many features and poorly lived up to the competition. As for the sequel Activision has switched over to a new and better game engine and added a ton of new tricks, bigger living levels with character and object interactions and the all new trick tweaking system exclusive to the game. With this addition you can now modify air, grinds and manual tricks with no handers, no footers, one handers and footers and the half and half (one hand-one foot) this makes up for endless possibilities of trick combinations.

Another feature is the all new flatland tricks by going from a manual and pressing right or left and either square or circle with this you can keep combos going with unlimited style and adding new thrills to the game.

With the levels much bigger this means more things to do tricks off of plus you can interact with certain objects and characters. By completing certain objectives like in the New Orleans level when you have to do a number of tricks over a statue of a man on a horse eventually it comes to life and runs away in other levels you can cause earthquakes and set off cannons launching you 50+ feet in the air to pull off that big final trick needed to meet the point objective. Other objectives include turning a river green in Chicago and helping an old lady find her poodles in Los Angeles. As you unlock new levels you unlock road trip footage for that character.

The multiplayer modes are nothing out of the ordinary with the same free ride, trick attack, graffiti, tag and horse modes with the addition of three new ones, treasure hunt where you must find as many golden condors as possible in the chosen time limit, Half pipe hell where you must make it to the top of a series of half pipes without falling into the boiling lava below causing you to start from the bottom. Finally the last mode is the o2 exclusive push mode where you and your opponent compete in an all out trick competition. The more tricks you do push's your opponent off the screen hence the name push. The outcome is decided by whoever pushes their opponent off the screen.

The park editor is basically the same as Tony Hawk 3. Create your own park by adding fun boxes, half pipes, rails, hand rails, stair sets, spine ramps and kickers. You can use your park in all modes excluding career.

As for the playability the difficulty is progressive through out the levels begin each level with the beginner challenges and move onto the pro challenges. Each complete objective gives you road trip points given by how difficult the challenge is these can be used to unlock levels. The game is sometimes repeating and can be frustrating at times. After playing the game for hours on end it does tend to get boring but overall I give the game an 8/10.

Review ID Number: 488
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Review Date: 2002-10-21
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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