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  Postal Classic & Uncut
Words from the Company:
Postal and the subsequent expansion pack was banned in several countries when it was originally released in 1997. This is your chance to meet the Postal Dude and see what all the fuss is about with this Limited Edition release.

System Requirements:
PC System Requirements Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 (Windows NT recommended)
• Pentium 90Mhz (166Mhz or higher recommended)
•16Mb RAM (3Mb recommended)
• 2x CD-ROM (4x recommended)
•256 Color SVGA 640 x 480
•Sound Blaster or 100% compatible (16-bit recommended)

The Review:
This software because of its nature is a bit hard to review with any –dignified relevance. The object of the game is to kill everything and everyone in sight without getting killed yourself. Of course there are many shoot-em up games out there but none of them make you a cold blooded killer of innocent people. It is usually kill the bad guys or as in a war type of game you shoot the enemy. This is a re-release of the game as it was banned in a number of countries and was black listed in the US.

In Postal you kill everyone out of “frustration” so you are the bad guy. The graphics are not as good as some of the newer games (thank goodness) or the sensors would not have even allowed this game to be published.

I found the game a bit hard to control but after seeing previews of Postal 2, this will have been completely updated and fixed. Still for a totally different type of shoot-em-up, this game will be liked by all the crazies out there.

Review ID Number: 49
  Product Details
Whiptail Interactive
Review Date: 2003-11-23
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 5 out of 10
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