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“You are Blade, the Daywalker. A mutation neither Human nor Vampire, born with all the strength of the undead but without their vulnerability to garlic, silver, and sunlight. Together with your trusted friend and mentor Abraham Whistler, you have sworn an oath to rid the world of the Vampire nation and avenge the death of your mother. But all is not well in the House of Erebus, the ruling council encompassing the 11 tribes of the Vampire nation. The blue bloods, the pure breeds, are struggling for control. On the one side are the Pallintine: bloodthirsty and frustrated by the Council’s seeming lack of ambition. On the other, the Dragonetti: aristocratic and calculating, but deadly none-the-less.”

Now you can enjoy all the action, thrill and adventure from the hit movie on your very own Playstation in the comfort of your home. Activision has released the world’s baddest vampire hunter into a brand new game full of mystery and evil. Oh, it’s not gruesome but it’s definitely full of good old fashioned blood feud fun. You’ll work your way through twenty one Gothic City locations and enjoy cinematic cut scenes as you use your stealth, strength and skill, as well as a few wicked-wasting weapons, to take out the undead before they succeed in eternal dominance.

Once you’ve entered the deadly Gothic City, you should not only keep on your toes but also take a little time out to learn the significance of your Player Status bars. Most are obvious: the Health gauge indicates your current state of health (there is also a health gauge for your Targets as well) and your Strength gauge indicates your current strength (remember, the stronger you are the faster your attacks). More importantly, your Weapon gauge shows the weapon you are currently holding and you can scroll through available weapons by holding down the L2 button while pressing the directional buttons. Similarly, you can also scroll through Ammunition types which vary depending on the creature you’re fighting. Creature Type is an incredibly helpful detail which comes into play by targeting a creature using the R2 button. This really comes in handy because it lets you know whether you’re against a Zombie, Vampire or human, since each requires a different weapon/ammunition to kill it/them. Of course you also need money to keep your ammo and weapons in stock, which is were your Funds counter comes in, showing the value of money and items recovered from your vanquished foes.

The Basics of Gameplay are well, ‘basic’. As Blade you are a ferocious fighter trained in both firearms and hand-to-hand combat, but to improve your chances of dispatching your enemies, you can use the R2 button to “lock” on to your selected target. And if you’re the antsy type and feel the need to dodge your enemies right off the bat rather than charging in fists flying you can use the R1 button and the left/right directional buttons to do a bit of Strafing (or Side-stepping). For Critical Hits, if you really wanna pack a punch, while targeting a creature the target gauge in the upper right hand corner will rapidly fill up at which point hitting the action button (punch/fire) will result in a critical hit, sometimes allowing for “one-hit” kills.

In this game it’s incredibly crucial that you Know Your Enemy. Each creature you face will have different strengths and weaknesses and once you’ve targeted your opponent using the R2 button a gauge is displayed in the top right of the screen showing the color that corresponds to the creature type and it’s current level of health: Green (Human Enemy), Yellow (Monster Enemy) and Red (Vampire). Now you can decide on an appropriate ammunition type, whether it be standard, carbon or silver depending on the foe.

With that last paragraph in mind, there are six basic foes that you will encounter: Vampires (come in many forms but can be easily killed with silver or carbon), Henchment & Militia (bad news humans who serve their Vampire masters and can be easily taken out), Familiars (weak at hand-to-hand combat and also easily dispatched with a little force), S.W.A.T. Guards (like Henchmen but well trained and better armed, so taking them down may take a little more effort), Attack Dogs (vicious but can be controlled with a little force) and Zombies (normally found in the wake of another enemy and are usually quite slow and dumb but can still be quite dangerous in large numbers. Remember to beat them until they bleed).

During the game, if you encounter a locked door a message will be displayed indicating the key you need which is usually hidden nearby. Some other environment issues that may pop up are those concerning Levers, Switches, Buttons and Other Control Items which can easily be activated by pressing your Action button while facing the control. Same rules apply for Ladders.

Just to give you a rough idea of the weapons (or “toys”) you can pick up during the game here’s a little description: Sword (straight forward, made of silver alloy and steel, effective on Vamps and humans at close range), Handgun (best on humans or Zombies, takes both carbon and standard tipped ammo), Shotgun (ideal for close range attacks, sorta slow but takes standard, anti-vamp and explosive cartridges so is extremely versatile), Multi-Launcher (Whistler Special that will fire almost anything, best used on Vamps) and Machine Pistol (very very fast and takes a variety of ammunition types).

As far as Supplies go: Serum provides you with a small strength boost and improves stamina (go for Serum Multi-Packs when possible as their boosts are larger and last longer), Health Booster provides you with a small health boost (go for Medi-Kits cuz they’re a more powerful version), Coagulant will restore your strength to 100% and a few Special Items can be found as well like Glyphs (plates inscribed with crest of a House of Erebus tribe) and Weapon Parts, which are also hidden, that Whistler can combine to manufacture new equipment for you.

The game is quite challenging and can make you a little jumpy at times but over all it’s quite entertaining. The game booklet offers some great Hints and Tips near the end that I’d tell you all about but it would be way easier for me if you just checked them out when you get your own copy. But I think a game that lets you defeat Zombies, vanquish Vamps and waste a variety of other nefarious collaborators with guns, knives, grenades, fists, feet and swords against amazingly eerie Gothic City backdrops like Chinatown, sewers and museums is worth it’s weight in gold. Or should I say silver? So, “it’s time to purge your demons”, live the film and rid the city of undead baddies. “Plan on staying up late tonight.”

I rate Blade a 9.5/10. “You’ve seen the movie – Now live the life of the Daywalker.
The power of an immortal…
The soul of a human…
The heart of a hero.”

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Review Date: 2005-08-05
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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