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  Need For Speed Underground 2
Words from the company:
Discover the living, breathing world of tuner culture in Need for Speed™ Underground 2, the sequel to the best-selling racing game of 2003, and the latest blockbuster installment in the legendary Need for Speed franchise.

Taking place in a massive, free-roaming city featuring five distinct interconnected neighborhoods, Need for Speed Underground 2 delivers an immersive game world where the streets are your menus. As players explore the city, they’ll encounter rival racers who will school them in the ways of the underground and tip them off to the hottest racing spots in town.

Deep new performance tuning allows gamers to fine-tune every aspect of their ride’s handling and performance, while hundreds of new visual customizations guarantee players can create their own personalized, totally unique car.

All-new game modes join Circuit, Drift, and Drag events to add depth and variety, pushing car and driver to the limit, while more than a dozen new cars and hundreds of aftermarket parts from the biggest names in the business make Need for Speed Underground 2 the deepest, most authentic tuner experience ever.

The Review:
This game has been the best out of the entire Need for Speed series I have played. Graphics were stunning if you have enough hardware to turn the settings up really high and the upgrades, both visual and performance wise were incredible. Everything from body kits, headlights, and paint\vinyl’s to Engine, Turbo, ECU, Nos upgrades, and these upgrades are fully customizable in the performance tuning\dyno so you can tweak everything to how you like it. And some very sweet upgrades for when you get magazine covers including hydraulics, scissor doors, split hoods, trunk audio and under glow. The city that the game is based around is visually stunning as well. It starts downtown and then into mountains with switchbacks, an airport and an industrial yard surrounding it. As you gain money and win races you get sponsors who will pay you quite a lot of money once you have finished their contract requirements.

Game modes include career, sprint, drag, drift, underground racing league and free run. Each individual race or track must be unlocked in career mode to play it as a single race in free mode. The career mode plays out as a kind of story line as you win races and get into the underground racing league, which I thought was pretty cool.

One thing I did not like was they did not have any damage. It’s fun sometimes seeing how much damage you can inflict on your car without blowing up. But other than that I did not have any problems with the installation or other parts of this game.

Review ID Number: 5
  Product Details
EA Games
Review Date: 2005-07-29
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 10 out of 10
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