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  Space Ace DVD
Digital Leisure inc has released a series of classic arcade games onto interactive dvds which are playable on the playstation 2 entertainment system. Don Bluths “Space Ace” DVD-Rom not only comes complete with the game itself but also many extra features which are much like the special features that have become common place on DVD movies.

This DVD Includes:
- Exclusive interviews with Don Bluth and Rick Dyer, co-creators of Space Ace.
- Completely re-mastered for DVD
- Relive the arcade experience with spectacular full screen, full motion DVD video.
- Features crisp, powerful AC3 sound
- Includes all the scenes from the original laser disc arcade game
- Feature-film quality animation by Don Bluth, director of the 20th Century Fox’s “Anastasia” and Universal’s “The Land Before Time” and “American Tail”

Space Ace plays exactly the same way as it did years ago at the arcade and the added features that come on the DVD-Rom make this dvd a must buy product.

Review ID Number: 501
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Digital Leisure Inc.
Review Date: 2001-07-30
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 8 out of 10
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