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  Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Pursue Evil Emperor Zurg and his minions in an ongoing saga, featuring the latest space ranger gadgetry in a variety of over-the-top, retro-futuristic worlds. Buzz’s “elite team”, Mira, Booster and X-R are there to back you up as you battle the most infamous and powerful enemies from the TV series.

Based on the Disney/Pixar adventure “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” TV series, Activision has brought it’s loyal fans this fantastically fun racing game. You get to play the most heroic space ranger in the galaxy, Buzz Lightyear who, with the help of his faithful fellow Space Rangers, must defeat Zurg’s vile minions and henchmen to advance to the ultimate battle against the master of malevolence, Zurg.
Along the way, Buzz is helped out by his Star Command friends, who provided him with mission briefs, firepower and support. Buzz must help X-R find his missing pieces and save the Little Green Men from mortal peril. With legions of deadly troops in his path and missions to master, the adventure is about to start for Buzz and you, the playstation player.
From the safety of Star Command you have the clearance to adjust various features of your adventure, including difficulty, volume control, vibration (for those with dual shock controllers) and your choice of mission. Upon commencement of the game, commander Zeb Nebula will brief you on your chosen mission and send you on your way.
For each mission, Buzz arrives on the surface of a planet and must then chase a villain through a challenging terrain course while fending off legions of Zurg’s troops. Buzz must use all of his Space Ranger abilities and weapons to ensure that he catches the villain before he escapes. If Buzz makes it to the final showdown he will have to use accumulated weapons to destroy the enemy’s shield and finish the mission.
To aid Buzz on his mission there are various vehicles, weapons and power-ups that can be purchased during the game for collected credits, which can be found throughout the terrain and are also rewarded for the defeat of Zurg’s troops.
To be able to progress to higher levels you must earn medals. Once you defeat the enemy in a mission, two bonus levels become available and once you have enough medals you will be worthy to tackle more challenging missions. Capturing the enemy earns you the Gold Medal of Galactic Valour, saving all the Little Green Men earns you the Silver Medallion of Star Command, and if you collect enough credits you get the Silver Medallion of Ranger Efficiency.
There are a couple of choices for bonus levels. The Time Trial is a test of your Ranger abilities and you are faced with the challenge of getting through the level in the fastest time possible. If you perform within the time limit you receive the Gold Medal of Heroic Prowess.
The other bonus round involves your Space Ranger buddy X-R, who has unfortunately been blown to bits and you must find all of his parts and return them to him before the time is up. For retrieving all of X-R’s parts before time runs out you receive the Gold Medal of Robotic Compassion and for collecting the parts fast enough you get the Silver Medallion of Comradeship.
The Game provides you with a variety of vehicles that, depending on the terrain, help you out more or less efficiently. The Jet Pack, when equipped, will fire up, extend it’s wings and allow Buzz to travel high over terrain so long as his fuel lasts. The Hoverboard, when equipped, speeds skillfully through a level, so long as fuel is available. The Jet Bike, when equipped, is very fast and will catch Zurg’s minions in no time. Other aids, like Boostpads (catapult you through the air) and Teleports (move you instantly from one point in the level to another) can prove to be considerably helpful in catching up to Zurg’s troops, if you have the credits.
There are some fun and effective Space Ranger weapons that provide additional help to Buzz. You are always equipped with a standard issue Space Ranger Laser Gun and additional weaponry can be purchased using credits at various spots throughout the levels. The Plasma Gun fires effective close range bolts of plasma and can be upgraded four times, while the Homing Plasma Gun fires bolts of plasma that home in on their targets which is good for airborne foes.
There are some more hard hitting weapons though. Rockets are projectiles packed with explosives that arc through the air and are great for medium range attacks. The Arc Laser, perfect for flying enemies, fires a stream of lightening that is automatically attracted to the nearest enemy. Proximity Grenades can be launched at enemies and will detonate on impact or when the timer runs out. The Icegun shoots a freezing spray of anti-energy that disables close range enemies. The Gatling Gun fires a rapid stream of powerful energy and the Power Shield, which can prove to be incredibly useful, protects you from a limited period of harm and can be fired up to guard against close range weapons.
Each level, aside from offering weapons and shields, also allows you to pick up Health units, Ammo to provide extra shots on all weapons, and fuel for Buzz’s Jet Pack, Hoverboard, or Jet Bike. Of course, don’t forget that every added weapon, power up, transport, boostpad and vehicle costs you credits and the number you have collected is always shown in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Gold coins are worth 10 credits, silver coins are worth 5 credits, and Red coins are worth one credit.
Overall this riot of a game provides players with 14 amazingly fun levels that become not only more challenging but more interesting as the missions progress. The futuristic planets are colorfully designed, the graphics are simplistic yet explicit, the controls are easy to maneuver and anyone who loves the TV series will love the game. Activison and Disney/Pixar have brought their fans an extraordinary diversion that allows the average Joe to play the part of Star Commands most heroic Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear.

Review ID Number: 503
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Review Date: 2001-07-11
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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