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  Toy Story 2
Once again, Disney Interactive and Activision have brought out another fun and exciting playstation game. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue is a unique game in which the player takes on the persona of Buzz Lightyear. Buzz has to enlist the help of all the toys to bring Woody back and same him from Al, the nasty toy collector. Buzz is in store for an amazing adventure as he must get out of the house, though Andy’s neighborhood, and into the thieving collector’s toy store. In order to progress through the game, Buzz needs to collect Pizza Planet Tokens. The more tokens collected, the more zones of the map will open for Buzz to explore. There are five zones, fifteen levels, and five tokens to collect per level, except when Buzz must fight the big bosses. Buzz doesn’t need all five tokens to progress to the next level, but as the game goes on, he will need more tokens to get through to later zones. Buzz must get through all the zones to win the game and rescue Woody.
There are five main ways to obtain tokens. Buzz can receive a token from Hamm by collecting a certain number of coins for him. Secondly, each level will have one unique enemy, a mini-boss, that must be defeated for a token. Each level will also have a character that gives Buzz the task of finding five objects. Finally, there is a puzzle and a race on each level and every time Buzz solves the puzzle or wins the time-based obstacle course he will receive a Pizza Planet Token. In the game, the player is able to do many cool moves with Buzz, except fly. The directional buttons navigate Buzz through the levels, the X button makes Buzz jump and pressing the X button while Buzz is in the air makes his wings extend to get an extra double jump. If Buzz runs or jumps into an edge he will grab it and pull himself up and if he runs or jumps into a pole or chain he will grab onto it and climb up. Buzz can push some items in the game so the player should be on the look for the flashing green hand symbol on some objects. Pressing the X button to make Buzz jump followed by the O button makes Buzz do a super foot stomp, which can be used to press buttons, operate machinery, or catapult Buzz into the air. Buzz also comes equipped with a laser which is activated by pressing the  button to fire the laser in regular or targeting mode, while holding down the  button and releasing when the charge meter is full fires a super-charged laser. Buzz’s laser can be switched to targeting mode where the player gets an inside-the-helmet-mode to target enemies or to use Buzz’s Space Ranger grappling hook. This is accessed by pressing the L1 button to enter the helmet-cam mode and the R1 button to lock onto enemies or grappling points. Buzz’s final skill is his Space Ranger Spin Attack which is done by holding down the O button and releasing when the charge meter is full. This attack can also deflect some enemy attacks if timed right.

Throughout the game, Buzz receives help and tasks from his toy friends which helps to guide Buzz through the levels. Each level Mr. Potato Head keeps losing pieces of his body and if Buzz finds and returns the piece, he receives a special Space Ranger power-up. Rex, the lovable toy dinosaur, is on every level somewhere and helps guide Buzz by giving him advice on what to do to get the five tokens. Slinky dog is on some levels and is always ready to offer Buzz a tough challenge in order to obtain a token. Finally, on each level, Hamm asks Buzz to bring him a certain number of coins to donate to Hamm bank.

Toy Story 2 starts the player off with a Main Menu in which the player can choose to start the game access options or the memory card where a game can be loaded or saved. This menu can be accessed throughout the game by pressing the START button on your gamepad. The Options screen allows the player to configure the controller, adjust SFX and music volume, turn vibration on or off, or center the screen. Toy Story 2 also allows the player to unlock various movies throughout the game and the Movie Viewer allows the player access to these mini-movies from Toy Story 2 whenever desired. With Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue, the player has their hands full with various tasks, enemies, and fun. The game is saturated with astonishing graphics and amusing cartoon characters. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to defeat the mini-bosses, rescue your best buddy, Woody, and have tons of fun. It’s all up to you…Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Review ID Number: 511
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Review Date: 2001-04-18
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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