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  Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Mario, Peach, yoshi, Donkey Kong, and others have tee times reserved in the Mushroom Kingdom! Challenge them to tournaments, or take them on in character matches to collect rings or nab coins! Play on resort-style courses or look out for Chain Chomps, Warp Pipes, and Thwomps on the Mushroom Kingdom courses!

This game plays just like the major golf games you'll find for PC and other game console versions. Only its a whole lot more fun!

The golf swing is controled in the same manner as the other golf games in which first click setting the swing in motion and the next button press setting the amount of power in the swing. In the manual swing, a third button press is used to set impact timing. In the Auto swing mode the third button press isn't required and does help make the game a little more fun for the younger kids in the family.

You have complete control over what clubs to use and even swing types and aim direction. The Range Meter also can be used to help determine the best club for the shot. Don't forget to take in account the wind factor and adjust your club selection accordingly.

Explore more than 10 different play modes. Challeng characters head-to-head or take them all on in a tournament. You can shoot through rings, collect coins and even compete against the clock! There is a game mode for almost any game style preference.

In tournament mode you compete against other players and earn badges. Earn enough badges and unlock new courses! There is also a training mode for first time users. But if you have played any golf games before, you likely won't need to use a training session.

I gave this one the true test by letting my sons aged 8 and 6 give it a go. In a span of about five minutes they wentfrom raw rookie to golf pro - well so it seemed. This is one truly great game for some well deserved family entertainment. It plays up to four players and is colorful enough to keep the youngsters interested yet challenging enough to make it fun for the adults.

Review ID Number: 513
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Review Date: 2003-07-28
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 8 out of 10
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