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  Dark Fall: The Journal
“There is something here, a power, in here with us…

It has been triggered, a particular action or disturbance is all that was needed…. Those who disturbed its slumber have paid the ultimate price.

It is always waiting…”

The game begins with a frightened and cryptic voice message from your character’s brother, an architect who’s redeveloping an old train station and hotel in an abandoned area. You board a train to meet him but when you arrive you find that the train is empty, the station is deserted and there are no visitors in the hotel to be found. And yet, although there is no one there, you are not alone. With the help of artifacts, ancient documents, a valuable journal and various notes in amongst your surroundings you find that the area holds a history of disappearances and hauntings that date back through centuries.

You’re helped occasionally throughout the game by a young boy who disappeared in the train tunnels and was never found. Of course, he, like all of the other characters are ghosts, so basically you’re visually by yourself through the whole course of the game.

Throughout the game you come to realize that some ancient evil has been awakened and released and your task as it were is to free the trapped souls of friends and strangers who once inhabited the now abandoned train station and hotel.

There are some puzzles to be solved and nooks and crannies to be inspected, but overall the game was just ‘good’. The storyline was a little soft, as it was more interesting reading all the little notes written by the hotel’s ghosts than it was to see what the outcome of the whole game would be. But I did enjoy finding out tidbits of information about the deceased characters. I found myself unenthused with the surroundings, since there wasn’t much in the way of puzzles and secret passageways. Then again I’m usually really bad at these sorts of puzzle solving, cryptic message kinda games and this one was a little bit easier to decipher than some of the other ones I’ve attempted.

Dark Fall – The Journal was a fun game, it was a little creepy from time to time what with the noises that the ghosts would make, knocking on doors, creaky floor boards and frequent strums of the violin. It had the makings of a great game, my only criticism would be maybe that it was a little too light, that is, not as challenging as it could have been and perhaps the storyline needed to be a little more lengthy. Otherwise it’s an engaging game, but perhaps not quite the challenge that some hardcore puzzle gamers would desire.

“Turn off the lights, close the doors and prepare yourself for a thrilling and spine-tingling experience…”

System requirements:
· Windows® 95/98/2000/ME/XP
· Pentium® 233
· 32MB Ram (64MB Recommended)
· 24x CD ROM Drive (or PC DVD Drive)
· SVGA Graphics Card with 32 Bit Color
· 32 Bit Color at 640x480

Review ID Number: 52
  Product Details
The Adventure Company
Review Date: 2003-08-28
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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