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  Book Worm Deluxe
The Review
Normally here at the Cariboo Computer Magazine, we review released boxed software from around the world. Once in a while we come across a program worthy of mention even though it is an on-line and downloadable off the web type game.

Book Worm is one of those that I bought for my wife because she found it @ Shockwaves web site and was playing it on line all the time. Then when the internet was down for a bit she went into withdrawals so as soon as I could I bought the game on-line just to make her happy.

I decided to check out this game for myself to see what she saw in it. Well…. I was hooked!!! I have been playing it ever since and I have learned on how not to die and keep my score going.

The game consists of letters like a scrabble game where you have to make words. The longer the words, the more points you would get for them. There are bonus letters that give you even more points. As you click off a word, new letters drop and you continue making more words. Now that sounds fairly simple. How ever if you choose short three letter words, then you start getting burning letters that start burning their way to the bottom of the play screen. If you do not use the burning letters before they reach the bottom, your library burns up and that is the end of the game.

The Secret:
I have found that if you quit a game in mid play, you can resume it later. This creates a file called CLASSIC.DAT. So if you are smart, every time you stop playing, simply duplicate that file and so if you end up dying, you can put your copy back in and continue playing. Whether this is cheating or not, I don’t know but my goal is to reach 99 million and see what happens when it rolls over because there is no room for a bigger number.

This is a great and simple game that will keep you playing for ever. I recommend it very highly to one and all

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Review Date: 2003-08-28
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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