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  Area-51 Official Strategy Guide
Words from the company:
BradyGames' AREA-51Official Strategy Guide includes the following:
COMPLETE MISSION WALKTHROUGH — Guides you through the Area-51 facility and outlines your objectives.
AREA MAPS — Show you the exact locations of important items and the layout of the laboratory.
MULITPLAYER MAPS AND STRATEGY — Give you the tools necessary to destroy others in multiplayer combat.
LORE ITEM LOCATIONS — Find all of the Lore Items to uncover the mysteries of Area-51.

The Review:
Here is another great 141 page full color glossy Strategy Guide from Brady Games to help you through the Area-51 game. The book gives you a clear way through the game, although you do have to pause your game while you are looking up whether you turn left or right to get away from the monsters which come at you continuously throughout the game. The Guide came in handy about a dozen to fifteen times while playing the game and without this guide, it would have taken much, much longer to get through it.

You would definitely need this guide to get through the game so riun out and get it and have fun playing Area-51 from Midway.

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Review Date: 2005-07-05
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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