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  Shark Tale Official Strategy Guide
Words from the Publisher:
• SWIM-THROUGH: Dash, Dodge, and Dance your way to fame with our comprehensive walkthrough. Collect all the pearls, beat every boss, and evade the Paparazzi to achieve bonus and Elite Mission objectives in all 25 chapters and access the best secrets of the sea!
• EXTRAS! Use all those Clams you've worked so hard to collect to unlock characters, movie clips, and other bonuses!
• PLUS: Coverage of all four styles of gameplay, and a complete round-up of every fishy friend and foe!

The Review:
This glossy 128 page guide for how to get through Shark Tale is only for PS2, Game Cube and Xbox. It does not contain the PC version which is totally different from the console games. According to our reviewer of the game, the PC version is more fun but then to each his own.

In true for this guide like all others from BradyGames is excellent in providing usefull info to get through the game. There is not too much more I can describe so go out and get it if you have a problem getting through the game without.

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Review Date: 2004-10-09
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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