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  Final Fantasy XI online Official Strategy Guide
Words from the company:
BradyGames' FINAL FANTASY XI Official Strategy Guide (for PS2 and PC) provides extensive character strategy. Crafting guilds for those following the path of a crafter. Comprehensive weapon, armor, and accessory tables. Complete bestiary for the monster-rich areas in the world. Plus, spell lists, skillchain chart, potions and meal effects, area, dungeon, and city maps!
This Signature Series guide includes a special cover treatment, bonus content and a premium item.

The review:
Final Fantasy has been around for quite a while and BradyGames have put out guides for the previous version as well and this one is just as great if not better than previous versions for relevant and important information about how you as a player can excel at the game with support from this guide.

With over 380 full glossy colored pages that provide everything from providing the game basics to the game background to using the right tools to quests and missions and much more. The manual even has color coded tabs on the edge of the book to help you flip through quickly to the section needed. Much work has gone into this guide to assist player to the max.

If you play this game on line, this is your bible and you should definitely get it.

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Review Date: 2004-04-24
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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