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  Final Fantasy XI Official Strategy Guide - Fall 2003 Version
Words from the company:
BradyGames' FINAL FANTASY X-2 Official Strategy Guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough, which shows how to complete every mission and trigger every scene. The guide also features complete abilities lists for all 17 dresspheres and special dresspheres. The abilities and status bonuses for all 60 Garment Grids are also revealed in this detailed section. All-inclusive bestiary uncovers everything gamers need to know about each fiend--strengths, weaknesses, and immunities, plus the items that can be stolen or attained by defeating these enemies. Extensive mini-game coverage and a flowchart that reveals every gameplay decision and its end result, so that players can master 100% of the game! Top notch boss strategy, area maps, accessory and item inventories, and much more!

The review:
The first thing you notice about this guide is that it is a big 288 full color glossy pager. Those kind of guides not only feel good in your hand but offer up incredible graphics as well as great info to get you through the game. This one is no exception.

The headings in the table of contents are as follows:
- Your First Day
- The Way of Things
- Walking Your Path
- The Right Tools
- Cities & Regions
- Appendices
There is a huge collection of screen shots Tables of info and maps of course. If you are into this game, this guide would definitely benefit your success.

Review ID Number: 543
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Review Date: 2003-11-27
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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