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  Rocko's Quest
Words from the company:
Rocko’s Quest is a fun-filled 3D action adventure game where you are Rocko, a big man of few words and even fewer thoughts, with a heart of gold. Rocko’s girlfriend has been kidnapped from right under his nose and he is on a mission to get her back safely and rid the world of all the ugly creatures. But even though Rocko may have a big heart, his brain is the size of a pea so you’ll have to do all the thinking for him!

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
PC Pentium II 300 MHz
400 MB Hard Disk Space
3D Accelerated Graphics Card with 8 MB RAM
Direct X Compatible Sound Card
Direct X 8.1

The Review:
Here is a fun and frustration-filled graphic adventure game that I had a hard time to stop playing. (mainly cause I kept getting killed). The story line is a rescue operation of a damsel in distress; not very original but it works. The control of the character Rocko is relatively easy and the keyboard commands are simple to use. However…. Not all the commands are described in the manual that comes with the game so it was only by luck that I found out how some things were done. At first the graphics were not of a very high caliber but as you start playing you do not notice that. I did have to turn my gamma way up on my monitor because the screens were very dark otherwise and I simply could not see what was on the screen in the darker areas of the game and of course that was where the traps were and I was continuously getting killed.

As I played the game I only got to the 6th level so far and the most frustrating part was that I could not figure out how to save my game. In these types of games I would prefer to save before I go into combat with a new character so if I get creamed I could do it over until I would win but neither the manual nor the game cd offered any clue as to how to save my spot in the game. I know I should have called the company and asked but these days of gaming, these important issues should have been covered and not cause frustration.

I am having fun with this game and will continue to play it until I get to the end but that might take a very loooooong time.

Review ID Number: 55
  Product Details
Big City Games
Review Date: 2003-07-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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